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  • Katri Marcellposted an update

    If we're talking real gaming then Ni No Kuni 2 was the last one on PC. If mobile games count though, I'm switching from Darkness Rises to Summoners War to Pokemon GO pretty much all day 😄

  • Jerleneposted an update

    Last game I played on ps3 was minecraft. Simple yet a great way to pass the time. And on mobile its candy crush. Still as addicting as ever.

  • Keranovposted an update

    The last game I played was Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This time in the competitive matchmaking I had luck and didn't get matched with boosted players. We totally destroyed the other team and finished 16:2.

  • Aimee Hartposted an update

    This is hilarious because I'm in the exact same boat as Katri Marcell, apart from I'm playing Ni No Kuni 2 on PS4. Gaming wise I'm getting lost in idol games like BanG Dream! and Love Live! In my defense their really addicting and I can waste hours on them.

  • DC The Manposted an update

    Last played PUBG Mobile. I'm really enjoying this game.

  • Keranov Smithposted an update

    Just from a losing streak I got into a winning streak in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Got matched with awesome and skilled guys and we just erased the opponents. I also have made some insane kills with the AWP. The match finished 16:7.

  • Maria Doeposted an update

    Last played Subnautica on PC; really loving its take on the crafting/survival genre. That, and the stark tone shifts between hatching Cuddlefish and the primal dread of trying to avoid Leviathans in the pitch dark. 😆

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